• Experienced and commited personnel
  • Knowledge management policy
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Productive and proactive

Manumeca Conveyor

  • Solid, reliable machines
  • Competitive pricing
  • 3 delivery options
  • Streamlined operations


  • Engineering lab
  • Quality control programs
  • Global project management
  • International delivery

September 2018 at Goyon

September conveyors ready !

They talk about us

Presidency of MECABOURG

MECABOURG has renewed its governance since 19/09/2018, Jean-Paul BLANC-TAILLEUR, president for 2 years, leaves this function but remains an active member of the office. Sébastien CATHERIN (GOYON company), member of MECABOURG since 2009 and of the office since 2013, resumes, in the continuity, the presidency of the group. Congratulations!