• 1980 : founding of the company
  • 1999 : acquisition of the company by Michel PIGUET
  • 2000: food-processing machine development
  • 2004: integration of robotics workshop
  • 2005: beginning of China assignment
  • 2007: opening of affiliate factory in China
  • 2009: marketing of the MANUMECA conveyor
  • Today: product diversification in new market segments

Key figures

  • |1| 25 person staff
  • |2| 2 800m2 in workshops and office space
  • |3| 5 700 m2 in real estate
  • |4| 3 millions € turnover
  • |5| 80% of our customers are national and international leaders within their market

Managing Team

Left to right : Michel, Sébastien, Sophie, Stéphane, Simon, Anthony.


Managements’s Commitment to Quality

A commitment to customer satisfaction and the constant improvement in the quality of our materials are the two mainstays that drive our business.
Our research is focused on these two points; fully satisfying our clients, as well as always improving upon our offerings. Thanks to a substantial and continuous policy of investment, our manufacturing equipment is comprised of the highest performing components to meet our clients’ needs.

The following company objectives have been determined to help us develop our skills :

  • |1| Invest regularly in research and development to guarantee innovative products
  • |2| Maintain and cultivate strong relationships with our partners
  • |3| Check goods regularly to ensure conformity with specifications and code
  • |4| Guarantee delivery by client deadlines

Mr PIGUET, CEO of GOYON, is personally commited to:

  • Deploy all efforts to continually improve quality
  • Actively communicate the company’s commitment to quality, and its goals and objectives, so that each employee participates with these in mind
  • Encourage communications within the company to converge on a common purpose
  • Provide all the human resources and materials needed to ensure the preservation of knowledge, and constinuously improve upon performance
  • Respect the standards and the requirements for every customer’s specific needs

Michel PIGUET, Chief Executive Officer


GOYON forms a part of a grouping of companies in the mechanics and metal industry in the Ain region of France. Its vocation is to develop short-terms projects between companies.