Due to Goyon’s strong experience in the mining and quarry industry, the company debuted its own conveyor in 2008: the Manumeca conveyor.

Simple and robust, the Manumeca conveyor provides an excellent value for your investment. Its lattice structure has been carefully studied to ensure that 60% of its parts are common throughout all models.

The Manumeca conveyor is available in different widths: 500mm, 650 mm, 800 mm, 1,000 mm and 1,200 mm.

Once delivered, it is simple to put together. Reference manuals are provided to facilitate an easy assembly.

Maintenance costs are kept to the minimum due to a reduction in maintenance phases.

Security is enhanced due to risk reduction measures integrated into the design.

Supplying parts is always rapid due to our stock availability.

3 delivery options are available:

pre-assembled: the main components of the conveyor are assembled in the factory (each component is 6 or 12 meters long). Your on-site personnel will only need to put the pre-assembled parts together, and the belt in place.

standard: the body, top and bottom components are assembled by Goyon. The rest is assembled by your staff on site.

export kit: the top and bottom are assembled by Goyon, but the body is provided via kit. The kit (including instructions and hardware) is sent over to you. Assembly is designed to be easy for personnel without particular knowledge in conveyors, due to its detailed instructions. The foldable body permits an optimization of space in the container. In fact the assembled body is reduced in volume by 4x once it is disassembled.