Your blueprints are studied carefully and clear instructions are given to our personnel by appropriate means. More and more customers consult with us during this phase, as we have now a strong experience in this realm.

Technical file

Goyon provides a construction file while building your machine that includes :

  • |1| Materials traceability
  • |2| Welding recording sheet
  • |3| Fully qualified welder
  • |4| Roughness patch
  • |5| Dimensional control
  • |6| Surface treatment


Being also a coordinator, Goyon has different types of chosen suppliers :

  • |1| Mechanics
  • |2| Heat treatment
  • |3| Galvanization
  • |4| Painting
  • |5| Coating

When available, Goyon works with local subcontractors : it is often faster and cheaper. It is also important to Goyon to provide work to local business. Goyon then takes responsibility for the entire project from start to finish (budget, planning, delivery).


Once again, Goyon will take care of the entire process : manufacturing, assembly, and subcontractor management. The customer orders and Goyon handles the rest.

Conveyor Unit Download

Goyon is happy to provide you with its conveyors units, which are available on simple request. This “blocks” assemble like a puzzle and will help you build your future plant. You may request them by clicking here.

China parternship

For over 3 years now, Goyon has a win-win partnership with China.
Three facilities located near Canton have been carefully selected and provided with a Chinese, local Goyon Supervisor. Working procedures and controls are the same as in Goyon France. Regular trips (4 times a year) of the Goyon management ensure follow-ups and constant deliveries of high quality parts.
This industrial and cost-reducing policy has allowed Goyon to focus its French teams on research and development, and bring value and innovation into its Manumeca conveyor.