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Customized belt conveyors

Boilerwork, a historic profession in France, is today a central pillar of the industry. Boilerwork brings together several techniques and trades: piping, welding, sheet metal, cutting or even bending. 


For more than 30 years, the Goyon company has put its expertise at the service of the largest sectors of the industry around the world. With a team with an average of 10 years of experience, each welder, pipefitter and boilermaker guarantee quality manufacturing and assembly in our workshop. We offer several metals for the manufacture of your parts: stainless steel, steel, galvanized steel, etc. 

A range of belt conveyors that adapts to your needs

Goyon offers a range of simple and robust conveyors, made of galvanized steel to preserve the quality of your structures. The trellis-type structure that we have developed has been designed to obtain 60% of the parts common to the entire range to guarantee you the best quality / price ratio


Our range of conveyors is available with a width of 500 to 2000 millimeters to fully adapt to your existing production line. The length varies according to your needs, without limit! Your conveyor, whether roller or chain, will help you increase productivity! Our conveyors are ideal for optimizing your stored production. 



Once your conveyor has been completed, we offer 3 types of transport: 


  • The pre-assembled factory: The entire conveyor is factory assembled in 6- or 12-meter elements. The site personnel must assemble these elements and join the belt on site. 


  • The standard: The trellis and the conveyor stations as well as the head and the foot are assembled in the factory. The other components of the conveyor are assembled on site. 


  • The export kit: The conveyor head and foot are assembled in the factory. The trellises are packaged in a kit. A package therefore includes all the parts of the conveyor including screws and assembly plans. The assembly was designed to be carried out by operators not specialized in the assembly of conveyors, using very detailed instructions, but our teams can also carry out the assembly on your site of activities. The folding trellis makes it possible to optimize loading in a container. Indeed, the volume is reduced by 4 between mounted and dismantled trellises. 

The advantages of Goyon conveyors:

  • Completely removable product which facilitates transport and installation on site 

  • Assembly kit with detailed drawing provided 

  • The simple and sturdy base makes the conveyor easy to assemble 

  • Maintenance costs are reduced thanks to the reduction of maintenance phases 

  • Safety is improved by integrating risk into the design of conveyors 

  • The supply of products and spare parts is fast thanks to availability from stock 

Do you need a specific conveyor ? Goyon has the capacity to carry out your conveyor project from the study that you have already carried out ! 

Contact us to get your quotation.

PROTG, a jig gantry so as not to damage your conveyors

To protect your conveyors in the quarry, Goyon has created a gantry allowing you to measure the size of your transport vehicles. If the vehicle does not pass the gantry, it will also not pass the conveyor and could damage it. We adapt our gantries to your conveyor installations so that you can measure the specific height beyond which a truck will not pass. 


Our gantries are very easy to install, but just like the conveyor, we can also assemble it on site. 

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