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Our services that make the difference

Les services proposés par GOYON

Boilerwork, a historic profession in France, is today a central pillar of the industry. Boilerwork brings together several techniques and trades: piping, welding, sheet metal, cutting or even bending. 


For more than 30 years, the Goyon company has put its expertise at the service of the largest sectors of the industry around the world. With a team with an average of 10 years of experience, each welder, pipefitter and boilermaker guarantee quality manufacturing and assembly in our workshop. We offer several metals for the manufacture of your parts: stainless steel, steel, galvanized steel, etc. 

Logistics and proximity

To fulfill its mission, Goyon calls on various services providers: mechanics, heat treatment, galvanization, painting that are all located within a radius of 50 km around its workshop. This allows us to be responsive and to offer you very competitive prices. 


Goyon manages and coordinates its partners to obtain the best result for your project. We support you for the packaging and the containerization of the goods both on national territory and for export. 

Transport and export

Whatever your project, Goyon will ship the goods at your location, as well as within the agreed timeframe. 


Thanks to our expertise in the creation of transport and export documents, we can deliver to you wherever your site is located. 

We have expertise in creating export documents 


Is your site located abroad? We draw up all the documents necessary for the export: 


  • Note of weight, 

  • Packing list, 

  • Quality certificate, 

  • Certificate of conformity, 

  • Bank documents, 

  • Etc ... 


To offer you the best service, we work in collaboration with a company specializing in international transport. 

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