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Tick tock, tick tock... We are impatiently waiting for them, they will pass in no time, so we have to make the best of them !

But before you can enjoy a well-deserved rest, you finish your current work, you prepare the ones to come at the beginning of the school year, you put away the grinders and the hammers, you turn off the computers, you switch off the phone and, above all, you unplug... and not only the soldering iron...

Because taking the time to rest and recharge is essential to work well and to give the best of oneself, GOYON teams take a break during the summer closure from August 8 to 19 included.

We will be back in top shape and ready to answer all your requests as of Monday August 22.

And if you lack ideas to enjoy the summer, do as we do on this eve of vacations, a good meal with nice colleagues, a few games of pétanque on the banks of the Saône and let yourself be carried away.

Whether it's by the water or in the mountains up there, in your garden or in a faraway country, happy vacations to all!


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