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Mid-May, it is hot, very hot, much too hot! If we needed one more proof to understand that the planet is overheating, here it is.

What can we do about it? The task seems difficult, so difficult that one could be demotivated before even trying anything. Especially with an activity like ours which, to be honest, is far from being very "green". So, of course, one could say to oneself: "Why bother? But that would be to misunderstand GOYON, which never shies away from a challenge. This is even more true when the project is led by Sophie Mulin, our CSR Manager, who transformed the "what's the point" into "where to start" in no time (and a few long meetings, I must admit).

After a concrete inventory that made us aware of the volume of non-hazardous industrial waste generated by GOYON, the facts became clear: we had to act.

For a better management of waste, buckets have been put at the disposal of each station in the workshop, bins and containers have been installed. Paper, cardboard and ink cartridges used in the offices are now recovered and recycled. In the refectory, household waste goes into one garbage can, cardboard and unsoiled paper into another.

The coffee machine has followed suit. Gone are the days of automatic coffee distribution in disposable cups. From now on, we all have a reusable cup at our disposal. And for the water cooler, a water bottle does the job just fine.

In short, we are ready. But being ready is not enough. The most important thing has yet to come. We will have to change our habits, forget our old reflexes (let the one who has never poured his coffee in a vacuum throw the first stone!) and this is often the most difficult thing. But let's keep in mind that each gesture counts until the day when we say to ourselves, "Why didn't we do it before?


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