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From the boilermaking workshop to the quarry

On Friday September 24, 2021, early in the morning, the GOYON team hit the road towards Bannost-Villegagnon with the aim of visiting the SCBV quarry.

A thick fog covers the plains of Seine-et-Marne and prevents us from seeing the imposing mining, conveying and processing equipment from the road. We will have to wait for the warm welcome from Messrs Costa, Cassier and Guimbaud to see the sun and the installations of the Brosse quarry appear.

Installation de la carrière réalisée par GOYON
Installation of the quarry carried out by GOYON

After a very complete presentation of the GAGNERAUD group and of SCBV by our hosts, we are divided into two groups and begin the visit of the quarry in which we quickly recognize our products.

L'équipe observe le concasseur du porte primaire.
The team observes the primary gate crusher

We make a first stop at the primary station where we can observe the impressive jaws of the crusher which crush the extracted rock before it is conveyed through a plain carpet to the sludge trap which will help rid the materials of their soiling. The explanations provided, both technical and educational, allow us to understand the importance of each step, including washing, which is essential in this quarry where limestone can quickly be loaded with mud.

Poste de criblage
Screening station

Once washed, while the dirty water is reprocessed, the limestone blocks are sent to another crusher which further reduces the size of the rocks. A new alignment of conveyors makes it possible to move these materials to the screening station which will ensure precise sorting while taking care to respect the different grain sizes marketed by the quarry.

Finally, a storage belt leads the different materials into their respective storage area.

In the middle of the quarry, a control center allows the two technicians on site to manage each step of the limestone extraction and transformation process.

Tapis de plaine
Plain carpet

At the end of this nearly two-hour visit, we take a moment to take stock of this visit. We think back to the photos we were shown during the site presentation and especially the one that showed virgin land. We then have an admiring thought for our team of assemblers who, from "simple" plans, manage to assemble an entire installation. The eyes of boilermakers shine with pride in what they have fashioned with their own hands.

This visit allowed us to realize the purpose of our industrial production and made concrete the daily work carried out in the workshop.

From the boilermaking workshop to the quarry, a day that made us proud !


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