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Happy New Year !

The cold that stings when you put your nose outside, the sweet and sour taste of clementines and the chocolates that don't stay long in their boxes, no doubt, a new year has dawned. And who says new year, says assessment of a year 2021 in a complicated and particular context.

Like many of you, GOYON had to surf the different waves of Covid, climb the peaks reached by the costs of raw materials, navigate at sight in an anxiety-provoking economic fog and sprint to meet the deadlines promised to our customers while juggling with a business know-how difficult to recruit.

In short, last year was a sporty one, to say the least, but the test was transformed! Perpetually in the starting-blocks, the workshop has been running at full speed. Footbridges, hoppers, screens and other metal constructions have been waltzed between the tools of our industrial boiler making experts.

Gondolas, cranes and forklifts accompanied our teams throughout their tour of France of on-site assembly, facing the vagaries of the weather and the construction sites.

Our conveyors, after being strategically and carefully located, paced the dusty quarry floors like marathon runners on the asphalt of the world's largest cities.

This frantic race was a real relay race during which each person at his or her position and level allowed the others to advance and progress.

So thank you to the GOYON team who succeeded in paddling in the same direction while keeping up the pace, thank you to our suppliers who were able to adapt to our imperatives and requirements and finally thank you to our customers for their renewed confidence.

It is now time for us to present you our best wishes for 2022. Health first, the rest... we have to go and get it!


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